Two Savages in Southeast Asia

Somewhere Over the Ocean

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…is where we’ll be in just over an hour. I’m writing this from a passably comfortable chair in the A Gates at SFO International Terminal, as we get in our last-minute Internet fix before packing ourselves into a series of giant metal tubes for 36 hours: San Francisco –> Shanghai –> Sydney –> Cairns.

(If that sounds geographically perverse, that’s because it is!)

This trip brings us to a brand new continent (Australia) for about a week before taking us further into one we’ve nominally visited before (Asia). On our bike trip, we crossed the Bosphorus into Asian ─░stanbul. A while back, we also spent two weeks in Japan, just barely enough time to overcome jet lag :)

Where into Asia? Well, we have Vietnamese visae valid from Jun 8 – Jul 8, so we’re likely headed there first. After that, we have no idea!

Bag weigh-in: Evan’s bag is 4.6 kg, Valkyrie’s is 8.2 kg. The difference comes from our snorkeling gear, which we plan to put to good use over at the Great Barrier Reef!