Two Savages in Southeast Asia

On a Boat

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Floating in fishes,
Bubbles rise through briney sea,
Effortless scuba.

We’re on a boat! Us and our beautiful scuba friends are currently bobbing about on the ScubaPro 3, ProDive’s big, beautiful boat.

Today we did our first open water training dives! We recorded in our log books! We met people, went places, and did things!

So our training dives were largely composed of practicing many of the skills we practiced in the pool. Mask clearing was particularly heinous with salt water crusting up our faces under the mask, even after the clear was complete. But! We are now TWO STEPS CLOSER TO CERTIFICATION.

We had some time to swim around while we were down there, and we got to see a bunch of neat stuff, ranging from clown fish to banded shrimp to giant corals that look like mushrooms to an enormous Maori Wrasse called Wally. I saw a thing called a goat fish, and also innumerable shining corals in every possible colour. I have to admit, this place is like turning the knob up on the colours in the Florida Keys…

Tonight, all the certified divers are going on a night dive on the reef. We don’t get to go tonight, but tomorrow…. ;)

Learn Aussie: * braids => plaits (pronounced “plats”) * bandages => plasters