Two Savages in Southeast Asia

Head Vacuum

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Restrivtive splint, off,
Finger free to flex again,
No more flipping off.

Happy Father’s Day! Did you all call your dads? We were both good kids and rang ours up from across the ocean. Google Voice is a magical thing.

Every good day starts out with a fresh head. Evan’s was getting a bit wonky on top, so we set out to the highly-recommended QB House to improve it. You put exact change into a machine, they trim your hair, then they vacuum your head. And voila! Evan is a changed man.

Our goal for the day was to go to Sentosa, Singapore’s beach resort island. It turns out to be harder to get to than one would think… so we go as far as the MRT would take us, then refused to pay the exorbitant price of tickets on the cable cars across the water. We wandered past an architecture firm’s gallery of building miniatures, which called to mind the Singapore City Gallery that had been recommended to us: it’s supposed to have architectural models of the city as it’s grown over time and under different influences.

We piled back onto the refreshingly air-conditioned MRT for the ride to the gallery, then hopped out for a grueling 2km walk in the hot sun. I began to get delirious from the heat and dehydration (do you have any idea how much you sweat in that climate?), so we paused for coconut water. It turned out that the museum was closed on Sundays, anyway, so we’d traveled there for no reason.

So, we elected instead to take another lazy day and return to our hostel to write blog posts and catch up on our photo labeling. We grabbed a final dinner with our friend Colin at a local Egyptian place (so delicious), and headed to the mall to see if something there could entertain us.

The movie theatre was playing a film by a Singaporean director which told a Thai legend of Pee Mak and his ghost wife, Nak. The movie, “Pee Mak”, is quite humorous and worth the two hours of your time that it takes to watch it.

Tomorrow… Vietnam. We feel like we’ve successfully seen what Singapore has to offer, and while we could dig deeper to get at the soul of its people, we are ready to move on. Now that we’ve adjusted (slightly) to the heat, the language barrier is next…