Two Savages in Southeast Asia

Day of Rest

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Flesh still gone, replaced
With goo, meanwhile other goo
From his ass doth spew.

Today was not the most exciting day that we’ve had. After Valkyrie dealing a near-fatal blow to her knee and with Evan still in a rough place intestinally, we elected to chill out in Phan Rang for another day. This day we spent writing blog posts, calling my dad for his birthday (hi, Dad!), and playing Spiral Knights. We did a tiny bit of ambling through the town, managing to get as far as a cafe for a cool drink, but I’m not really able to walk yet without significant stumbling and cluchting stair railings.

We’re sort of in a bad place emotionally today, as all these things are starting to pile up. We talked about whether we should continue the trip. That’s not a good sign. On the bike trip it seemed like we were always having fun, despite hardships, but this feels like too many things at once. There’s some bad juju here.

We went back to the same restaurant where we had dinner last night for lunch today, and we again said hello to the kind woman who owns it. She must be very confused by now why we’re still in town; I don’t have the impression that this is much of a town.

For dinner we wanted to try another vegetarian restaurant, but apparently chay places around here keep monastic hours: we drove up at about 7:30 and parked our bike across the street, and when we turned to walk into the restaurant it was suddenly closed. Bam.

Anyway, short post today, because we are boring. I’m going to go sleep and see if it helps my knee…