Two Savages in Southeast Asia

Double Dutch

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Last, happy hurrah
Malaysian flavors no more
Time for something new.

We woke up and puttered around our hostel. There was no articular hurry to get out of there, not when our flight from KLIA isn’t until 11:30 pm. We reluctantly pack our stuff, then shuffle off to our final Malaysian breakfast. It’s important that we get all the Malay/SE Asian flavor possible today before we shove off.

Breakfast includes a final pair of fresh coconuts and some curries we know we like at a Dutch restaurant in Malacca. We dawdle, but eventually pick up our things and head towards the bus station.

It’s a brutal walk. It’s about 30C outside, and with our backs unable to ventilate through our packs it’s truly punishing. We slog through the humid hot for a while, but eventually take refuge in a Tesco’s air conditioning. We’re in no rush, anyway.

A half hour or so brings us to the bus station, where we buy tickets on the next Transnasional bus headed to KLIA. We’ve discovered that this company, unlike most others, actually runs on schedule and doesn’t make random stops at the driver’s discretion. We wander around the bus terminal a bit, killing time with some final Malaysian pastries (oh, colonialism).

The ride to the airport is uneventful, and we get more food upon arrival. Indian food. Again, the sort of thing we won’t be seeing for a while. We stuff ourselves with naan and curry.

We check in way too early for our flight to get rid of our bags. We finally mail off the postcards we bought a week ago in KL the first time. We sit in Old Time White Coffee for way too long, sipping teh tarik, munching kaya toast, and basking in the free internet. It seems like our flight is never due to leave.

We spend our last ringgit on a book for the trip, seeing as we’ve both ripped through the books we got from Shobee. This one is a detective novel set in Malaysia.

After dozing and internetting and wasting time any way we can think of, we finally board the 11:30 flight to Seoul. We are not gonna be pretty in the morning.